Tips to Look Younger

Almost every woman wants to look young at all times. Most of them put in their best efforts to look beautiful and young forever. Mentioned below are a few don'ts for women who want to look young:

A woman must not apply foundation cream before putting powder, because a woman will appear pale and unhealthy instead of displaying a fair complexion.

The powder foundation must be avoided if possible because it gets gathered in the wrinkles of the skin and the wrinkles can be seen clearly.

Avoid glimmering eye shadow. The glimmering eye shadow when applied does not enhance the natural beauty of the face. Brown eye shadows brings a pale and a dull look to the face, it is advised to not use it.

Black colored eyeliners do not inspire a women's look because they appear like two lines on the eyes. Do not use any false colored liner because it does not hide any flaws under your eyes.

Do not thin your eyebrows because very thin lines of brows make you look aged. Make sure that the cosmetics you use is not too dark or gaudy. See that the makeup does not get accommodated in between furrows and creases on your face. Do not put lip liner prominently as it will sometimes make you look like a clown.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and look young and beautiful.

Source by Paul Cris

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