Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

If you have oily skin chances are you don’t easily show the fine lines and wrinkles of ageing. But then oily skin tends to get the dirt and pollutant easily than the dry skin. Free radicals easily stick to skin that are oily. As one is in dilemma, here are some beauty tips for oily skin which will help you in minimizing the chance of getting pimples and acne.

Clean and wash your face two or three times a day using a cleanser that will fit your skin type. There are face cleansers that are ideal for oily skin. Milk is an excellent cleanser for oily face. It keeps your skin clear and keeps you from acne lesions and a discolored, patchy rough skin. Using milk in cleansing your face several times a day will not make your skin dry. Instead it will avoid clogging the skin pores from sebum or oil. Other than this day cleansing of your face, washing your face before retiring is very important to clean off the make up residues. Tepid or lukewarm water are the best to use in rinsing. Pat it dry and never scrub your face with towel or cleaning cloth as it will roughen the skin more.

After rinsing and washing your face, apply a toner or astringent on the oily areas of your skin. Astringent can be used the whole day as this helps in controlling the excess oil that might accumulate on your skin. Oily skin will attract dirt and other pollutants that surround you especially if your skin starts to get sticky. An increased oil secretion will clog skin pores.

Moisturize. Dry skin is not the only one that needs moisturizing. Oily skin need moisturizing and it should be done regularly to avoid fine lines and wrinkles. Honey is a natural moisturizer and an excellent one too. A thin layer of honey applied all over the face will tighten and firm up your skin. Leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing it with lukewarm water. This is an ideal ritual before retiring to bed. A good day moisturizers are those that contain alpha hydroxy acid. It softens and lifts up dull oily skin. A weak concentration of alpha hydroxy acid is enough to exfoliate your skin slowly. This will result into a clear complexion and smooth the roughness of your skin.

One tends to lose the excess oil on their skin as one gets older. As you age what replaces the oily skin are the fine lines and wrinkles. It is the right time then to be more religious in providing your skin with moisturizers or oils especially on harsh weather extreme.

Source by Maria L. Ronie

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