Beauty Dos and Don'ts for the Summer

With the changing seasons, your beauty routine also needs to undergo serious changes. Summer is all about baking the heat and quite a challenge that can be. The key is remaining cool and fresh through the day, but that requires some hard work. Here is a list of beauty dos and don'ts for this summer.

– Put on layers of makeup: With the summer raging on, you need to keep your face as light and natural as possible. Under no circumstances should you apply layer after layer of makeup. It would only get messy once the heat bears on and you start sweating. Inside, apply a little foundation and some powder, to absorb the excess moisture and remain cool.

– Forget Sunscreen: Battling the dangerous rays of the sun is very important. Not applying sunscreen is a serious risk. Not only are you exposing your skin to the very harmful rays of the sun, you are also increasing your chances of skin cancer.

– Go crazy with hairstyles: The heat and humidity can very easily fry your hair, making it look like you just received an electric shock; let your flat and curling irons rest for a while. Give the hair gels and sprays a break. Allow your hair to breathe and stay natural. A braid or a high top bun, not only makes you look elegant, it also keeps the hair away from your face and neck, making you feel cooler.

– Tan yourself: The sun does quite a good job of darkening your skin so go easy with the self tanners. It would make you look an inhumanly orange which is just wrong.

– Exfoliate: Summer is all about keeping the skin healthy, but using less of the moisturizer. However to avoid cracked, dry skin, try exfoliating your skin every now and then. Loofahs and pumice stones can help even out your skin giving it a smooth and even feel.

– Wear a lip-gloss: Weaving a lip-gloss will not only make your face appear fresher and lighter, it will also give a hint of color with just the right amount of shine.

– Go for lighter shades: This summer with rising temperatures, try to stay as cool as possible by wearing light shades which absorb less heat. Lighter shades of blue, green and yellow, all add a spot of color while making you feel less stuffy.

– Drink plenty of water: Summer or not your body always needs to be hydrated. But with soaring temperatures, it is very cruel for you to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Source by Muhammad Suhail

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